Craig Cotter

Craig Cotter

Driving was accepted as part of the MSUL Short Edition call for the theme of The American Road, in coordination with the MSU Broad Art Museum's exhibit Interstates of Mind.


I was driving
he sat in the passenger seat

I could feel his leg and smell him.

I liked a boy who was silent most of the time.

My Honda lost in a parking lot

we were driving
my remote out the window

trying to make it beep.

I was OK being lost

as it was more time with Alex.

I knew when we found my car
he'd be gone

and I'd be awake.

So we walked and drove around places
we hadn't been,

at one stage a parking lot
full of people

lighting fireworks.

Walked through stores and towns
that never existed.


At 19
I drove fast—

except driving Rose home on Sunday nights
speed limit 65

I'd drive 48 or 52
holding her hand

back to Geneva.


With Alex this morning
27 years after our fifth summer

in Western New York

a dream with your smell, presence, silence.

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