Watching “Une Femme Mariee” Commit Adultry in the basement of the Episcopal Church

Gary Gildner

& suddenly the folded chairs
wont work. It’s pure French,
this smooth maneuvering
by the movie club, & heads

are blocking the language
of love. We want more
than just her thighs
filling up the screen, her

staring eyes — we need
to see, underneath the meeting
of their hands, the translation.
The lucky ones in front,

they sit still as silhouettes —
but we can't jockey
fast enough. Again
the reel takes the phrase

too soon — what did he say? —
& her lips
like private worship
only whisper . . .

From the Red Cedar Review, volume 6, number 3 (1968). For more information on this author at the time of this publication, and other online issues of this publication, go to:

Gary Gildner

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